Jennifer Wilkerson Photography
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 NOTE*** As of september 2018, we are booked for the rest of the year and are currently accepting 2019 appointments only.

WHY SHOULD I CHOOSE jennifer wilkerson photography?

  • Experience

    • I am obsessed with what we do. I am constantly educating through webinars and workshops. This is not a side gig, it’s my full-time passion.

  • Fun/Playful

    • There is zero shame when it comes to making your kids laugh. As a mom of five I don’t care to embarrass myself to create an amazing photo. We provide a technical eye with a personable experience.

  • Studio

    • Our studio is fully stocked with all the clothing, headbands, hats, vintage quilts and props you’ll need. We also strive to provide a fun in studio atmosphere from our playroom to multiple studio rooms.

  • Customized experience

    • Never had a professional photoshoot before? Don’t worry about a thing. All of our photo sessions are directed and engaging. You don’t have to know what you’re doing, because we do.


How do I book a photo session?

It’s really simple. Send us a quick message through our contact form with your contact information and what type of photo session you’re interested in. We’ll send pricing information within 48 hours, answer all of your questions, and then schedule a date for the shoot. We do tend to book in advance, especially in peak seasons.



Enough said. If you’re coming in with a toddler, throw every expectation out the window. I am a mom of five- two of them toddlers- and know that our children can sometimes be little dictators of our lives. Your child is running the session and we’re fine with that. Your photos will be shockingly awesome.


Do you deliver every image? 

You will receive a best of the best proof gallery,. Mini sessions typically result in 30+ proofs and full sessions are typically 50+ proofs

Do you touch up photos?

Of course! Every image you order is hand edited. We fix scrapes bumps bruises and more. Everyone is self-conscious about something. We’re not afraid to ask about your insecurities prior to your session so you can bring the best version of yourself. With our direction and experience, your love and confidence will shine through every photo.

What’s the turnaround time on photos?

You can expect your proofs in five to ten business days from your session and your final edited images within ten business days from the time you place your order.

How do I get my images?

We’ll give you access to our custom online digital gallery. We’ll also provide you with access to our professional print lab, where you will even see an option for beautiful custom wall art.

Do you travel for shoots?

We do on location and studio photos, with some favorite stock locations in mind. We typically travel within a 30-mile radius of our studio for full sessions or 15 miles for mini session, but we are always open to traveling places, especially to the beach or anywhere tropical!

Do you work with special needs children?

We work with all kids: newborns, babies, toddlers, and special needs. We love them all.

Do you offer digital files?

You’re in luck, all of our sessions now include digital files.

Do you ever offer specials or discounts?

Throughout the year we offer specials that are often themed! We always offer a 10% military and law enforcement discount. Be the first to find out about we open booking for our specials by subscribing to our emails here.

How do I schedule a session?

It’s super simple. Shoot us an email and we will work together to find a session that fits your needs! There is a 100-dollar deposit required to reserve any session and this deposit is deducted from your final total. Once your deposit paid you are officially booked! As far as newborns, we know they operate on their own timeline, if you have reserved your session ahead of time you are guaranteed to be worked in within 7-14 days of birth no matter how busy we may be!

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely!  Just call us, we are happy to work with you and make a payment plan that fits your needs. Our payment plan is typically a layaway style- you will receive your order once the balance is paid in full.

What is the best way to contact you?

Email, email, email! It may take up to 2 days to respond, but keep in mind that with a with a busy studio schedule and five kids, it just takes time! And THANK YOU for considering us to be your family photographer!